Welcome September!



Welcome September – the first month of the fall!

I have always loved September for various reasons.  There is a shift, not just in the weather but in life.  It is time for kids to go back to school, and us adults to continue on with life’s responsibilities.  Everyday life comes knocking at the door when September arrives.  It is a welcome knock.

I am pretty certain that if we would have endless lazy summer days all the time, we would not appreciate them.  As the air gets cooler, I am letting the summer linger within instead.

I am full of bright and warm memories from this past summer, and I hope it is the same for you.  The memories are not going anywhere, as we make our way into the fall.

You can bring out those summer days any day you wish.  Let your imagination fly, and summer lives within you all year round.

I embrace September with open arms, without completely saying goodbye to summer.  Summer likes to persist.

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