Walking above the clouds


Last night after dinner I realized that the day had passed me by without me doing what I was writing about the other day.  That movement is vital.  So to practice what I preach, I put on my running shoes despite some physical discomfort.  Not to go for a run but to go for a walk that would make my heart pump.

That’s the beauty of living on a mountain, I just picked the steep path up the mountain and my heart started to beat like a hammer within.  This is what I need, I thought with every step that I was pushing through to make it to the top.  Last night’s walk became so much more than exercise though.

Nearing the top of the mountain I witnessed something for the first time.  I was already  out of breath, but the view that emerged in front of me literally took my breath away.  For the first time in my life I was walking above the clouds.

I was mesmerized and so grateful to be alive to witness this beautiful sight.  I still am.

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