Walk into 2016 with your heart open



I did not make a New Years resolution this year, they never seem to manifest.

What about You?  Did You promise something?  Maybe You did, and maybe You promised something really important.  If You did, I hope with all my heart that You will be able to keep your promise.  It can be a good thing.

This year I did something different though.  I set an intention of how I want to walk through life in the coming year.  It is a bit different from a promise.

How I see it; a promise is more of a literal agreement that you cannot and should not break.  It is a commitment that for me can turn into an obligation.  It does not have to be wrong to promise something for the New Year.  It can be a vow and a sacred word for You.

Personally, I think that when it comes to New Year’s resolutions I have always managed to not fully live up to my promises.

That is why I am starting this year with an intention that gives a purpose and meaning to my life.  When I think of the intention to live with “an open heart”, all that I feel is hope.  Hope to feel life’s ups and downs.

To do the opposite, to close my heart is an easy way to protect myself from getting hurt.  I used to be afraid to fully open my heart at times.  What feelings would I experience if I did?  I feared the feelings inside of me that might show up.  What if I could not handle my emotions?  So there have been times when I have closed my heart to protect myself.  I was afraid to feel in other words.

What I was really doing was missing out on life, and all its possibilities.  If I choose to close the door to pain, I also closed the door to pure joy.

We all have scars and cracks in our hearts.  If we close our hearts we cannot let anything in or out.  Through the cracks in our hearts we might need to let go of something or someone that has hurt us.  If we keep the heart closed, the pain will remain a priosoner in our scarred world.  By letting old wounds heal by releasing them through the cracks of your heart, you are ready to fully receive joy and pure love.  When you let situations or people that no longer are good for you leave your heart, you have so much more room to give your love to people who deserve it.  In return you can completely feel the love that is given to you.  Only an open heart can do that.  Your open heart will be ready to give and receive all of life’s wonders.

It is only with an open heart that new possibilities can arise and magic begins!

Go out there and dare to OPEN YOUR HEART IN 2016!  You will feel more alive.

I promise!

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