Valentines Day – Forever

Today is Valentines Day, a day associated with romantic love.

Today is so much more.

If you are gentle with your inner voice and let that voice tell you that you are loved, you can show compassion towards yourself.  Only then it is when you truly love yourself and have the capacity to love others.  If you can open your heart to love yourself first, you have come a long way.

It is so easy to have our inner voice judge ourselves and tell us that we are not good enough, smart enough, not good looking and not worthy of love.  That powerful and destructive voice is so wrong.  We are all worthy to be loved.

If you really can see and feel the beauty that shines within you, you will be able to see it in others as well.

If we can feel love, we shall spread love.  If we can show our love to one person, that person will be able to take the love in and also pass it forward. Just like when you throw a rock into the ocean and it makes rings, the rings will multiply. We can touch another’s heart with our own loving heart.  The importance is that the only love there is, is a non-judgemental love.

It will and can be a ripple effect of love. So today is about starting to share the love within you with others.

Today will never just be a commercial day for me.  That we need to buy flowers, chocolate etc.  All those things are nice though.  But today is so much more than that.

Today it is exactly three years since my beloved Mormor’s (Grandmother’s) funeral. It is not a reminder of my loss, as I miss her every day.

Today is a reminder that she was buried on the most perfect day, as she represented everything that I call love.  She was a true gift to me and so many others.

Her selfless way of always being there for others and helping those in need was never a sacrifice on her part. It was her way of living.  She did not know any other way than to be there for other people.  That is not romantic love.  It is universal love.  That we care for one another and if we can help someone, we help.  That is true love.

I just read a little bit about the history behind Valentines Day and I will not write a piece of history here.  It was just all very interesting to read. I do want to share one thing that I found though.

What does it mean to be someone’s Valentine?

“Being my Valentine means that you are that special and the only person I will be spoiling the day of.”

“It does not mean that we are in a relationship.  It just means for that day, I express to you in words, gifts and actions what you or your friendship means to me in a more intimate manner.”

Something to think about perhaps …

For me, my thoughts return to my loving Mormor (Grandmother) and what I take away from the statement above is that she was my Valentine.  She was that special to me.  Not only  on this day, but all days.  I also know that she was that special to many people.

She was a pure Valentine who gave her love away unconditionally, and she also saw and experienced a Valentine in other people in return. So love goes around. You give love away, and you will receive tenfolds back.

The greatest gift you can give someone is telling them that you love them, that they matter to you. Or show it to them with your caring actions before it is too late.

My Mormor (Grandmother) was and still is the most giving person I have ever known.  A true giver of love.

Let us all pass love onward.  Today and all days.  We can all be Valentines every day and let our love touch other people. Let our lives be love.

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