Feb. 10: While waking up I am thinking of the old phrase “life is for the living”. Suddenly I know what to do with the hours I have in New York City before my flight to Sweden.  I’ve dreamed about skating at The Rockefeller Center ever since I saw the movie “Serendipity”. An hour later I am skating on the ice hearing soft pop music in the background.  I hear my skates cut the ice and I feel free.  Who says you cannot skate your sorrows away?  I realize dreams do come true, and my heart beats with hope!

A few hours later I realize that I had fooled myself. The skating earlier in the day was just temporary happiness.  But isn’t that what life is?  Temporary.  I am sitting in my seat on the plane heading to Sweden.  I am swallowing my tears.  They are falling straight down to my heart.


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