The Third Advent Candle


I just lit the Third Advent Candle with an intention of Joy.

It felt important to light the three candles with an intention, and not just light the candles out of habit.

So often we perform a ritual or a tradition and make it a routine.  I wish for this Season to be different.  To really pause and reflect on my intention while I do things.  Like when I put the match to the candle and the flame started to flicker, I did it with a conscious thought of Joy.  Actually, what I did was to open up my heart to Joy.

To let all the cracks in my heart fill up with Joy.  Joy can seep through the cracks of a heart that has lived.  A heart that has known sorrow, deceit and defeat can easily let the Joy just seep through the cracks. I wish to fill my cracks with authentic Joy.  Joy that stays.

The Joy for all that I have in my life.  Not all my things, but again, the people in my life is my Joy.  To consciously choose Joy takes a conscious mind.  My mind needs to tell my heart to open up, and then my heart will feel the magic that my mind perceives.  It is so easy to complain about this and that, but with an open heart it becomes more difficult.

An open heart will automatically fill your heart with Joy, and you will pass that Joy on to the people around you.

So I lit the Third Advent Candle with you in my heart.  You that are in my life.  You that are my Joy.


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