The Fourth Advent Candle





Today is the day when we light the Fourth Advent Candle, and I am reminded of that the Fourth Candle is known as the Angel’s Candle.

In the Christian world that means that the Angel Gabriel came to Mary with a message.  He told her that nothing is impossible with the power of God.

The Angel Gabriel also appears in other religions as well.  In Islam, the Angel Gabriel is seen as one of the fourth archangels whom God sent with his divine message to various prophets, including Muhammed.

In Jewish mythology, there is  a Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.  The Tree of Life blossoms and produces new souls.  The Angel Gabriel reaches into the treasury and takes out the first soul that comes into his hand.

With the above thoughts, I am thinking beyond any religion and to all of mankind.

With the lighting of the Fourth Advent Candle, I let the meaning of what the Angel’s Candle can mean for all of us soak in.

To see the Fourth Advent Candle shine as bright as the other Three Candles, I am reminded of that nothing is impossible.  Anything can be overcome.  That is the essence of the Angel’s Candle,

Watch all the Four Advent candles shine bright and reflect for a moment on your own life.  I will leave you today with one thought that I hope you will take to heart.

Just because things are one way at this very moment. does not mean they have to be so.




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