If I could name your energy,
it would be resistance.
If I could say what I feel,
it would be tension.
Tension could be attraction,
for us it is separation.
You create your space,
where I am not allowed entrance.
You resist me,
I long for you.
Why am I here?
Only for you to get rid of me.
Only for me to feel unwanted.
All I feel from you is tension.
The wrong kind.
I cannot hold up the facade,
I crumble under it.
I am yours to take, my heart screams.
Your eyes are telling me, I am yours to go.
So I am leaving.
I have never been a beggar,
and I never will be one.
I will not beg for your love.
It should fly freely.
From your heart to mine.
Too much is in its way.
Tension is the hinder.
Drop your armor and you can be mine.
I can be yours with an embrace.
With your back to me there is only one thing.

The wrong kind.