Super Moon


Last night was the final Super moon, completing a trio of Super moons that began in July.  This September, the Super moon was the brightest Moon of the year.

Did you all see it?  Did you feel it?

I did the same thing as I did last time.  Around midnight I wandered out on the porch and looked up at a dark clouded sky.  Through a cloud, the moon blinded me as much as the sun in daylight.  I stood still, and was fixated on the moon’s beauty.  With every breath, I filled my lungs with the night’s power of magic.

As usual I felt a restlessness that later made me sleepless.  For once I did not panic about that I could not settled down to sleep.  I let the energy flow through my body, mind and heart.  Instead of resisting the moon’s impact on my rest, I embraced it.  I surrendered to the energy that was flooding my body.

I welcomed this morning with a sleepy body, but an energized mind.  I had used the moon’s energy to restore my creativity during my hours awake at night.  Today I am walking around with a productive mind and a grateful heart.  Grateful that I was able to witness the magic of the universe, and feel the moon’s pull turning into energy.  An energy  that ripped right through me.  I felt alive, I am alive.


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