Super Moon and Solar Eclipse


The sky is powerful tonight, as there will be a Super Moon and Solar eclipse in enchanting, ethereal Pisces.

This will bring a flood of compassionate and healing energy to our planet Earth, while also exposing what’s been hidden.

Be prepared to welcome the new and unexpected, as eclipses can bring sudden changes and reinventions.  Look back to journals, memories, and life changes from March 20, 2015, for clues to what may resurface or move into its next phase of development on March 8.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, planet of the subconscious and illusions.  We may just have to stop fighting and go with the flow.

Magic is possible today, so suspend all beliefs.  As an example; Albert Einstein, whose theory of relativity turned our concept of reality on its head, was a Pisces.

The Pisces new moon prods us to consider that maybe what we think we know isn’t the only possibility …

Pisces is the sign of surrender and release.  Under the spell of the intuition sign, we’d all do well to hand over the metaphorical reins to the universe – which might have a better plan than whatever our mortal minds can concoct.  Be lead by your curiosity and not your anxiety.  You are being guided, so pay attention.

Daydreamer Pisces encourages you to ride a divinely inspired wave.  Pisces new moon encourages you to follow your muse.

I am following mine, which means that I am listening to my heart and do not question the messages I receive with every heartbeat.  Dare to walk to your own beat, step out to the unknown and find a new world that only you can see and feel.

That is how you best harvest this Super Moon and Solar Eclipse, and I wish you all a fruitful harvest – in mind, body and soul.

You have probably already guessed it; yes I am a Pisces.  So what I wrote above is my truth.  What is yours?

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