I woke up this morning sensing something different behind my curtains.  There was a warm glow reaching my face making me wanting to get up.  To want to get out of bed is a very rare feeling for me, as I am not a morning person.

I took my robe and surprised my teenage son to be in the kitchen that early.  He normally is there long before me, so he asked me why I was up.  “To watch the sunset”, I replied.  “You mean the sunrise”, laughed my son with a grin on his face.  “Yes, that is what I mean”, I laughed back.

Both of us knowing that I have seen plenty of beautiful sunsets but I can count on my fingers how many times I have seen the sunrise.  I mean, to really see it rise.  Of course I have stumbled out of bed to get going in the morning plenty of times.  Often just struggling with the fact that I have to be up early, completely missing the actual sunrise.  This morning was different.

I went outside and saw the sky transform from a slightly lit orange glow to a full canvas painted in the most beautiful shades of pink together with some orange strokes.  As I stood there I was inhaling the morning-glory and exhaling the night.  I welcomed this new day with a child’s wonder.  This world IS beautiful, and I need to greet it with gratitude, was all that I felt.

This day stirred something new within me.  I need to do this again.

I need to watch the sun rise from below the horizon to fully visible in the sky.  As the sun greets us, I have to welcome a new day.  Later, I will say goodnight to this beautiful world.  So there will be no more of just sunsets, sunrises are equally as magnificent.

Good morning glorious earth!

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