IMG_0999By my own free will, I chose solitude for the first time in my life for 48 hours.  It turned out to be one of the most rewarding 48 hours in my life. I  found a quiet getaway to breathe to my own heartbeat.  My mind and soul was scattered, and I needed to center myself. 
The quiet surroundings scared me at first.  My thoughts in my head were too loud.  I could hear them all too well.  
As I walked between the ocean on one side and the lush gardens on the other,  I was slowly quieting my loud mind that at first had disturbed the peace I had sought.  I started to notice the colors of the flowers, hearing the waves crashing against the beach, and feeling the sun caressing my skin. 
For every step that I took on that first mid-day walk, I started to be more and more in the now.  The more quiet my mind became, the louder my emotions spoke to me.  I need this, I like this, and I deserve this!
To take time-out from your regular life and obligations is seen as luxury by some.  I see it as a necessity.  It is something you need to do from time to time to save yourself, especially to feed your soul.  So you won’t lose yourself in the daily grind, but to let your spirit live freely. 
It doesn’t need to be at a resort or in a hotel.  You don’t need to travel at all.  Just be alone with yourself for a day and see what happens.  No phone calls, no e-mails, and no texting.  Otherwise it’s pretty much up to you how to center yourself.  Dare to be alone in a quiet surrounding.  Let your thoughts be whispers, so your heart’s desires can be heard.  You might be surprised by what your heart will tell you.  You might even find yourself.  One breath at a time.

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