Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox


This day started with a total Solar Eclipse that could be seen in parts of the world.  Thirteen hours later the Spring Equinox began.  The Moon tonight is a very powerful New Moon, so there are a lot of different energies in the atmosphere at the same time.

Today is associated with “new beginnings” in our lives.  That can mean a new beginning for certain things or just a need to permanently end certain things.  Right now it is important to remember the saying “an ending is also a beginning”.

Maybe there are things, situations, relationships, etc. that do not serve us well anymore.  This is a time to wash away negative aspects in your life, aspects which do not reflect who you truly are.  Pause and tune in to your true self.  This is all about that we are at a choice point.  It is the end of avoidance.

Surrender to the flow of life.   Let regret, shame, sorrow or sadness for chances now gone go.  They were not for this time.

So pause and listen to the original story of your soul.



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