I stepped outside by the side door of the house this morning, and I smelled a sweet welcoming scent.  Against the wall is my little rose garden.  There are pink roses for brightening the day, white for remembrance of loved ones, and to new beginnings. Then the most potent of them all: the red roses, a reminder of the most important thing in life.  To love and be loved.  I am surrounded by a tempting scent from the roses, and their beauty is a joyful sight for my heart.  There are more colors of roses, but  I am satisfied with these.

With the meaning of each different colored rose, together these beautiful flowers represent life as a whole.  While I remember lost loved ones, I am hopeful for the future when I look at the white roses.  With pink elegance, there is gratitude for the people that I adore in my life.  The powerful message of the red roses is true.  Love is within me, and it surrounds me.

Stop and smell the roses.

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