Hello and welcome!

Right now I am sitting in a hotel room in NYC deciding it is time to start communicating with the world.  My writing is always straight from my heart, and I hope I’ll get to know your heart as well.  That is what life is all about – connecting with one another.

So here I am in an unfamiliar environment, halfway between my two worlds. My home in Los Angeles and my childhood home in Sweden.

I’m traveling from the west to the east with a broken heart. I needed to break up the long trip to breathe, so here I am … I’ll continue towards Sweden tomorrow. It’s a little like procrastinating when you’ve an important dead-line at work. You know you have to do it.  You don’t want to do it. You know you will do it. At the very last minute you’ll finish what needs to be done.  

I am on my way home to Sweden to say my last farewell to my beloved Grandmother (Mormor).  She has been my constant love my whole life.  Now I need to face the world without her. I’m a little lost, but with baby steps I’ll find my way.  I know she will guide me from above.

I’m heartbroken from the loss of her.  No, that’s not correct.  My heart has several broken pieces that has come from true living. The passing of my Mormor just made my heart break a little more.  I’m trying the hardest to let the light from her love shine through the cracks in my heart.  To let her love and light make me come more alive, and appreciate the gift that my Mormor was to me.  

Arriving in NYC in the middle of winter made me freeze to my bones.  You adapt quickly to warm weather.  I needed to feel warm tonight, from the inside and out.  A drink, delicious food and good company helped me bring warmth back.  It’s time to say goodnight with a sad but a grateful heart. My Mormor was a true Angel on earth. She was sleeping her way to the other side. Her wings will make her arrive where she belongs. In Heaven.

Tomorrow I’ll fly closer to closure.


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