One pound at a time


My mantra “movement is vital”, took a different form the other day.  Normally I choose a walk on the beach or on the trail up on the mountain, mixed with gentle yoga at home.  The last couple of weeks have been a challenge health wise, and I continue having to push myself to get stronger.

I started lifting weights again after over two years of not doing it.  So I really needed to start with some cute baby weights.  They were of course pink, and then the next weight up was purple.  It was my kind of weights.  Light and with happy colors.  This week it was time to get serious.  It was time to step it up and use real iron.  After slowly adding a pound every now and then, I was able to gently  transmission to my goal.  I don’t need to lift heavier than this, all I want is some muscles but I am also lifting weights for bone health.  A very important part that many people (especially women) forget about as we get older.  To stay strong is not only for your muscles, it also builds stronger bones when you do weight training.  Then the benefit for your emotional and mental health is a whole other chapter.  A very important chapter.

I only had one problem during this last work out.  My little work out room felt too enclosed and I opened the door to the porch.  Feeling the fresh air sweep into the stuffy room, I let the room air out while I stepped outside.  Why not lift weights towards the mountains?   The smooth breeze cooled my skin, while the sun warmed my whole body made for a perfect work out.  I wasn’t on one of my traditional walks, but I was on a different road to get my upper body stronger.  Still surrounded by nature and breathing in the fresh air, I couldn’t have asked for a more ideal place to work towards health.  One pound at a time.

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