New Moon in Aries

aries-new-moonLast week the new Moon was in Aries.  Its effect is not for one night only.  It is not a lover for a night who leaves you at the break of dawn.  This new Moon can have an affect on you for many days, like a new crush hanging around.  This new Moon is positive, just like a new love.  It  can also be seen as a spring awakening, rebooting our systems for an entire year.  As we do with a newfound love interest, we need to feel our way through the energies within us to make the best of it.

A new Moon will always give you a portal of two weeks in which to work, and the actions you take in that window of time can have the power to affect you positively for an entire year.  So let us make this new love affair to get off to a good start.  “How can I do that?”, you wonder.  Here are a few things to consider during this time period, all to maximize the energy within you right now:

Let anger lead you to passion

This might sound strange, but anger does not need to be a negative emotion in and of itself.  It is how we use it that matters.  It is time to find that inner warrior, because the things that upset us are often the pointers to our passion.  We can start to create a constructive change, fighting the good fight for our beliefs.

* Find your fight

Try to think if you might have given up on something or someone too soon?  If so, dust yourself off and go back to fight for what you deserve and want in your life.  If you do not know what your fight and desire is, be still and it will find you.

* Be selfish … for a cause 

There is a great saying that rings true in regards to this matter that I am trying to take to heart.  Hopefully it will ring true for you as well:  “There can be a desire to receive to share, or the desire to receive for self alone”.  When we want something just for ourselves, we burn out fast.  When we desire an abundant life for others, the universe is happy to give us more and more.

Aries energy can stun us with its entitlement.  It can also inspire us.  Aries are unafraid and want more – and this can be the basis for our inspiration to desire more.  For others.

* Tune your passion meter to E (for excitement)

When was the last time you truly felt genuine excitement and joy about something?  The Aries new Moon prompts us to awaken a spine-tingling feeling.  Let that blood pump through your veins so you can feel every beat, springing you into action.  Passion is an essential element of living a fulfilled life, and the Aries new Moon serves us as a reminder.  Emotions are E-motion.  When we can FEEL something, we can move it.  So let joy and passion help us get unstuck.

* Embrace your inner fame

This new Moon wants us to pursue our passions and awaken our gifts.  The journey starts with a baby step in the right direction towards your passion and dream.  Dare to take that first step to the unknown.

* But do not let it go to your head …

With all the daring energy swirling around, there is also a good deal of stress that accompanies it.  As the “head” of the zodiac, Aries rules the cranium and this new Moon turns our healing focus there.  So maybe go for a scalp massage or ask someone to gently rub your neck and shoulders, which are often the cause of cranial agony.  Also, remember to stay hydrated and take note of your breathing.  Make sure that you stop to take a break a few times per day, and take several deep breaths to let your mind and body relax.  This will hopefully prevent you from getting tension headaches.

So let Aries send you focusing on creative opportunities, sharing your gift with others and letting new beginnings begin!



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