My Mormor – My Grandmother


My “Mormor” should have been 95 years old today.  She has been gone for about four months, and not a day goes by when I don’t miss her.  I can still hear her gentle voice in my head and sense the caring touch when we held hands.

This picture was taken last Christmas when I saw My Mormor for the last time.  I knew when I left that we would never see each other again, and the feeling of knowing overwhelmed me.  How could I go on without her?  Thanks to her love in my veins I was able to.  She lived for three more weeks, but is forever alive in my heart.

Today I will honor and celebrate My Mormor’s life, and her beautiful soul in the best way I can.  I will buy a large bouquet of sunflowers, because that was our favorite flower.  There will also be a vase filled with both red and white roses, for love and remembrance.

I will drink my afternoon tea from the cup with sunflowers that she gave me, while reading her favorite poems (as they are mine).  Soon I’ll go for a walk in a beautiful sanctuary, every step for My Mormor, as she also loved to walk.

At night I’ll light the candle with “The Tree of Life”, that I received from two dear friends.   I’ll light the candle for one of the most beautiful branches in our family tree.

My Mormor is still with me.  Our love remains.

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