Media coverage

My first live interview was taped yesterday during the Book Convention here in Gothenburg, Sweden.  My nerves were present under my skin, and I had to remember a great quote; “The day you are not nervous in front of an audience, is the day that you don’t care anymore”.  I do care, I care a lot of reaching other people and to move their hearts.  I wanted to represent myself and my writing in the best possible way.

So yes, I was nervous.  But I was also excited, happy and grateful.  Grateful to all the people who has supported me along the way, and still do.  You all have me deepest thankfulness for a lifetime.  I was, and still am incredible grateful for the opportunity to share my writing and connect with other people.  That is what life is all about.  Connecting with others, heart to heart.  With nerves and all …



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