May came crashing in


All of a sudden the month of May was here.  Where did April go?  I felt that I had been going from one thing to another without a stop.  The first weekend of May I decided it was time for a well needed break with just a morning walk on the beach, except there was no beach to be seen when I came down to the ocean.  Only water that had built up to a swell and crashed into shore.  Little did I know that was how I would feel for most of May, that a big wave came crashing into and over me.

Life is full of changes and unexpected situations, some are welcome while others are not.  This May has greeted with me with situations that made me feel like I was swept out from shore with a current so strong I had to stay in the water against my will.  Other times I have been able to do what you are supposed to do, ride with the tide.

So with the good and the bad, with both internal storms and several storms from Mother Earth, all I can do is to learn that you cannot go against the current.  Acceptance of something you cannot control is very difficult, and at times it will leave you gulping for air.  But one thing is for sure, after a storm comes a welcoming calm.  Embrace it and breathe in the love around you and breathe out the stuggles.  That way you will stand more firmly rooted when the next storm hits, and when it does – what do you do?

You ride with the tide.



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