Interview at The Book Convention 2014

My first live interview as a writer went like this …

Please click on “Read more”, and you can see/hear the whole interview.

It is in Swedish so I apologize to all my English readers.  Hopefully there will be an interview in English soon, as a translation of my book is in the works.

For this interview, it wasn’t really any time to prepare. I received the questions a few minutes before taping, and I glanced at them before putting them away.  I felt that there was no right or wrong answer, and I decided that it was better to just go with my gut instinct on how to answer.  I didn’t want it to be rehearsed.  All I wanted was to somehow convey that my writing comes from my heart. Every word is always felt, before I think it.  Like Hemingway said: “Write your first draft with your heart, and the second one with your mind”.  That is how I tried to do this interview, except I only went with my heart and never had a chance to change any answers with my mind.

I cannot regret how I answered, as the answers were true to me at that very moment.  I am pretty sure that I could use a class in media training, but for now you get what you see. You get to listen to me with nerves and all.  But mostly you get to hear the real me and what writing this book meant to me.  The book is a celebration of my love for my Grandmother.  That is something you don’t rehears for.  It is just there, with or without cameras. Always.

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