I woke up this Easter morning and knew immediately that something was different. Something was new.  Both my children are away with friends over Easter.

For the first time I have no one to hide Easter eggs for.  I know, they are old but we have continued to do it.  Until now.

The house feels empty, and I miss them every minute.  At the same time, there is calmness within me.  I know that they are happy where they are right now, and that makes me happy. If I have raised two independent young men, then I have succeeded as a parent.  I still want them to be around, and I know we will still have dear moments together.  Our love will always keep us together but not physically this Easter.

I thought of what Easter means in the Christian world.  For Christians, Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  My thoughts continued to all human beings – regardless of their faith, or no faith: We can see Easter as a spiritual resurrection for all of us, so we all may walk through life in a new way.

What new way of life would that be for you?

For me it is to start with the little things.  The little things in life that in reality are the big things.  I will try to embrace this new phase with two children who are doing their own things, and letting them find out who they are.  I am grateful for new paths to walk, and my heart is open for a new way of life.

I am ready to accept constant changes in life. To ride with it, and not fight against it.


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