Sorry is a too small of a word sometimes.  It does not include the sorrow and the pain it caused someone.

To say, and truly mean that you are sorry for something you said or did, means that you understand the hurt your behavior caused.  It does not excuse a hurtful behavior, but it means that the person you hurt matters to you.

If your intention was to never hurt this person, there is a big chance that the other person will recognize that.  Forgiveness can take time.  Be patient.

We are all human and we do make mistakes.  It is how we handle our mistakes that will define us.  If you let your tongue slip and your words hurts another person, there is no way to take those words back.  They are out there, and have sneaked in to the other person’s heart.  You need to make it right again, but how?  The only thing you can do is to ask for forgiveness with all your heart.  If you know that you have hurt someone, let them know how sorry you are.  Do not be proud or scared to be rejected.  You need to do right from your end of the relationship.

If the person forgives you, is not the same as your behavior was justified.  It just means that both of you recognize that your relationship is worth fighting for.  To not let words spoken in frustration destroy what you do have together; let it be a friend, child, parent, or a lover.

I assume most of us are walking around needing to forgive someone who has hurt us in some way.  To hold on to resentment will only bring poison to our souls, and we are hurting ourselves more that way.  If you are able to forgive someone for his or her actions that hurt you, you are setting yourself free.  Do you need to ask someone for forgiveness, or do you need to forgive someone?  The time is now.

Today I am the one asking someone for forgiveness.  I messed up some time ago, and my words hurt someone I love dearly.  It all came from my own shortcomings and judgmental mind.  So what do I do after I have asked for forgiveness?

Today I am trying to be a better version of myself than yesterday.  I am also trying to give the person I hurt both space and time for the wounds I inflicted to heal.  I pray for forgiveness as loud as I can.  With all my heart.

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