You have all heard the expression that “to overcome your fears, you must face them.”  There is no going around, which is easier said than done.  Like most people I am afraid of a few things, and I deal with my fears differently depending on what the fear is about.  Some things that I am afraid of, I simply choose to avoid.  Some fears I meet hesitantly, and a few fears I stare right in the eye.  The fears that I avoid facing will continue to be with me.  With the fears that I try my best to face, there is a chance that I will overcome them with time.

When it comes to your health you do not have the luxury to contemplate if you will face your fear or not.  You just do.  Like I will do tomorrow.

With every cell in my body trembling today, I have no choice in the matter but to face my fear.

Tomorrow I will enter the “twilight zone” and trust that the doctor knows what he is doing.  Writing this I realize that I am afraid of two things tomorrow: the procedure itself and the result.  In reality this means that I am afraid of the unknown.  My battle that I am facing tomorrow is small in comparison to many others.  So this is not a pity party.  It is just me acknowledging that I am in fact scared.  Maybe you are scared of something in your life as well?  It might be something real or imagined.  It does not matter what it is.  The fear is real.

Try to find a loved one that can take your hand so you can face your fear.  Dare to stare it down.  I will try my best to do just that tomorrow.  I am surrounded by love, and with that thought I realize that I have nothing to be afraid of.

First I just have to visit “la-la-land”, which my son (who has had several medical procedures done) calls it.  Hopefully I will not say too many inappropriate things while staying in “la-la-land”.  Only the doctor and nurse will know …

I will meet you all again on the other side of the twilight zone.  Looking forward to it.

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