Emotional Roller Coaster

I have been on an emotional roller coaster for weeks.  It is time to get off now.  I am home.

The last few weeks have brought me the deepest sorrow that I have ever known, and also the purest love.

My emotions have been slowly moving towards the top, and then suddenly crashing straight down with a speed so fast that you cannot catch your breath.

These emotional roller coaster rides are exhausting, but they are also something bigger.  They ARE life.

I prefer feeling it all, compared to just going through the motions.  But all weeks cannot be taking place on the most intense roller coaster.  It is important to step off sometimes as well, and to come back to yourself.  Then you can eventually step back on to a crazy emotional roller caster again.  Do not be in a rush though.  An emotional roller coaster will always be waiting for you.  It is a quiet rest in between the rides that you need to allow yourself.

I am finally home after weeks away.  I will need a few days to really land and then we will see.  I might jump on an emotional roller coaster again.  But hopefully not any time soon.



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