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International Peace Day – Every Day



Yesterday was International Peace Day 💙
That should be EVERY day …
Peace starts with love ❤️ It starts with you and I …
Do we love ourselves?
We need to give peace to our own hearts first. Then we have a gift … and with every gift you give it away …

Or in this case, you pass your inner peaceful love forward and keep the love and peace still beating to the rhythm of your own heartbeat❣️
Your inner love and peace will circle around and touch others.
Keep loving yourself, keep loving each other …

LOVE is the only way towards PEACE ❤️☮️❤️☮️

Advent First 2015



Today is the first Advent and we lit the first candle with anticipation for what is to come.
In our family the burning candle was also for our snuggle-loved puppy, Kingsley. He slept his way to the other side earlier today …
Our hearts are breaking and there is no end to my tears today. I only find comfort in that he doesn’t suffer anymore. We were fortunate to be able to love him with all our hearts until the end.
I am anticipating what may come with a broken heart. But it’s in the crack of our hearts light can shine in.

Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day was just a commercialized day for me until exactly a year ago.  All the other years it just felt it was different stores selling superficial love.  All the chocolate and the flowers in the world to buy on one day has nothing to do with love.

It is nice to acknowledge one another, so of course I have been on both the giving and the receiving end on Valentine’s Day.  Many of us make an effort today to show the ones we love that they are appreciated.  Something we should do every day, not just one day out of 365 days.

The way we show and give love is different for everyone.  So is how we feel that we are loved.  But the daily love that we all can show each other is to show up and be present with the ones you love.  Your full attention and company is the greatest gift.

If you are far away from someone you love you can show up in other ways.  A phone call shows that you care.  To hear the other person’s voice can be balm for the soul.

Love does not know distance.  Only distant people have a hard time to reach someones heart.

A year ago my feelings about today totally changed with the funeral of My beloved Mormor (Grandmother) on Valentine’s Day.  It could not have been a more fitting day, if you can have one for a funeral.  Through the grief during this day last year, I kept thinking this is what today is about.  Not saying goodbye to a loved one, but honoring and remembering the ones we love.  Dead, alive, partner, friends, parents, children, animals or this planet.  Today is about universal love.

My Mormor was the essence of what love is.  She gave love to all that she encountered in the way she treated everyone.  My Mormor would greet everyone with a kind word, a soft touch and with a warm heart.

That is what everyday love is.  Giving without expecting anything in return, because your heart says so.  I am striving to be better showing people that I love that they really matter to me.  Not just today, but everyday.  I have a bit to go, but I will keep trying to give love as much as I can.  Just like My Mormor did.

She was love.


If I could name your energy,
it would be resistance.
If I could say what I feel,
it would be tension.
Tension could be attraction,
for us it is separation.
You create your space,
where I am not allowed entrance.
You resist me,
I long for you.
Why am I here?
Only for you to get rid of me.
Only for me to feel unwanted.
All I feel from you is tension.
The wrong kind.
I cannot hold up the facade,
I crumble under it.
I am yours to take, my heart screams.
Your eyes are telling me, I am yours to go.
So I am leaving.
I have never been a beggar,
and I never will be one.
I will not beg for your love.
It should fly freely.
From your heart to mine.
Too much is in its way.
Tension is the hinder.
Drop your armor and you can be mine.
I can be yours with an embrace.
With your back to me there is only one thing.

The wrong kind.