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Age is just a number

This used to be so easy.

What happened?

Oh, that thing that is called age – darn – that is why it is so difficult to do this now.

But age is just a number … is my mantra – while sweating and cursing (yes, the latter is less ladylike, but damn it helps) …

So with my million excuses for not working out, it was mind over matter today.

My age, my invisible illness, my aches/pains, and all the other excuses for not working out, will have to shut up right now.

It is time to get stronger – no matter what!  And it starts from from the inside out.

The mind is a powerful thing … it can ruin you or lift you up.  So please try to tell your own mind to do what is best for you in every situation.  I know, it is easier said than done.

But please, keep on fighting for your inner strength my dear friends!

Moving your body will help like no other medicine!

Today I am managing to have total focus on my mind – body – soul – connection!  I will try my best to not let it slip away from me …

Join in – please let me know what you are doing to get stronger both inside and out.

“Movement is vital.”

~My Doc.


Walk into 2016 with your heart open



I did not make a New Years resolution this year, they never seem to manifest.

What about You?  Did You promise something?  Maybe You did, and maybe You promised something really important.  If You did, I hope with all my heart that You will be able to keep your promise.  It can be a good thing.

This year I did something different though.  I set an intention of how I want to walk through life in the coming year.  It is a bit different from a promise.

How I see it; a promise is more of a literal agreement that you cannot and should not break.  It is a commitment that for me can turn into an obligation.  It does not have to be wrong to promise something for the New Year.  It can be a vow and a sacred word for You.

Personally, I think that when it comes to New Year’s resolutions I have always managed to not fully live up to my promises.

That is why I am starting this year with an intention that gives a purpose and meaning to my life.  When I think of the intention to live with “an open heart”, all that I feel is hope.  Hope to feel life’s ups and downs.

To do the opposite, to close my heart is an easy way to protect myself from getting hurt.  I used to be afraid to fully open my heart at times.  What feelings would I experience if I did?  I feared the feelings inside of me that might show up.  What if I could not handle my emotions?  So there have been times when I have closed my heart to protect myself.  I was afraid to feel in other words.

What I was really doing was missing out on life, and all its possibilities.  If I choose to close the door to pain, I also closed the door to pure joy.

We all have scars and cracks in our hearts.  If we close our hearts we cannot let anything in or out.  Through the cracks in our hearts we might need to let go of something or someone that has hurt us.  If we keep the heart closed, the pain will remain a priosoner in our scarred world.  By letting old wounds heal by releasing them through the cracks of your heart, you are ready to fully receive joy and pure love.  When you let situations or people that no longer are good for you leave your heart, you have so much more room to give your love to people who deserve it.  In return you can completely feel the love that is given to you.  Only an open heart can do that.  Your open heart will be ready to give and receive all of life’s wonders.

It is only with an open heart that new possibilities can arise and magic begins!

Go out there and dare to OPEN YOUR HEART IN 2016!  You will feel more alive.

I promise!

Spring Forward!



Spring is here, and with that a new promise. A promise of longer and brighter days. The energy in the air will hopefully also spill over to our inner world. Life feels a little easier when we can get some rays of sunshine into our souls, and there is a little more bounce in our steps,

I have spent the last month juggling responsibilities with trying to stay healthy. I have had too many items on my to-do-list. I easily forgot myself. I know I am not alone in this. We sit at the computer to just answer one more e-mail or to take one more phone call. In a blink of an eye the day is gone. I maybe accomplished a lot of tasks but I missed a really essential part. I missed putting me on that list. After a hectic February, I realize that I actually need to schedule appointments with myself. To catch a breath, to exercise, to eat right and sometimes to take time-out to relax, either relaxing with a cup of tea and a book, or spending time in the company of family and close friends.

I have not been completely out of touch with the importance of trying to stay healthy and feeding my inner self,  but I could have done better. It is now mid-March and we have switched over to summertime here in the US. They call it Spring Forward, and that is what March has done so far. The last couple of days it even skipped spring and became summer. We have had record warm weather and today I finally took that well needed break from duties and responsibilities. With the warm sun lingering longer over the horizon, I took the season’s first dip in the pool. I needed to cool my body and head several times throughout this hot day. Refreshed inside and out, I now am doing what I am supposed to do. I am writing … It is not something that I have to do, but need to do. Why? Because it feeds my inner self with pure joy and I am connecting with You. I missed that this last month, and I need to learn how to prioritize me-time. Time management is what it is called in the business world. In my world it is just pure self-care. Please do not forget yourself in the buzz of responsibilities. Put yourself in your calendar and spend some time doing or being who you are at the core. What is it that brings fire to your soul? Go out and do that, or sit with it if that is the case. Soon I will watch the last rays of sun dip over the horizon and my heart beats calmly. I was able to just be me today. Hope you had a chance to be You as well.


The Third Advent Candle


I just lit the Third Advent Candle with an intention of Joy.

It felt important to light the three candles with an intention, and not just light the candles out of habit.

So often we perform a ritual or a tradition and make it a routine.  I wish for this Season to be different.  To really pause and reflect on my intention while I do things.  Like when I put the match to the candle and the flame started to flicker, I did it with a conscious thought of Joy.  Actually, what I did was to open up my heart to Joy.

To let all the cracks in my heart fill up with Joy.  Joy can seep through the cracks of a heart that has lived.  A heart that has known sorrow, deceit and defeat can easily let the Joy just seep through the cracks. I wish to fill my cracks with authentic Joy.  Joy that stays.

The Joy for all that I have in my life.  Not all my things, but again, the people in my life is my Joy.  To consciously choose Joy takes a conscious mind.  My mind needs to tell my heart to open up, and then my heart will feel the magic that my mind perceives.  It is so easy to complain about this and that, but with an open heart it becomes more difficult.

An open heart will automatically fill your heart with Joy, and you will pass that Joy on to the people around you.

So I lit the Third Advent Candle with you in my heart.  You that are in my life.  You that are my Joy.


Interview at The Book Convention 2014

My first live interview as a writer went like this …

Please click on “Read more”, and you can see/hear the whole interview.

It is in Swedish so I apologize to all my English readers.  Hopefully there will be an interview in English soon, as a translation of my book is in the works.

For this interview, it wasn’t really any time to prepare. I received the questions a few minutes before taping, and I glanced at them before putting them away.  I felt that there was no right or wrong answer, and I decided that it was better to just go with my gut instinct on how to answer.  I didn’t want it to be rehearsed.  All I wanted was to somehow convey that my writing comes from my heart. Every word is always felt, before I think it.  Like Hemingway said: “Write your first draft with your heart, and the second one with your mind”.  That is how I tried to do this interview, except I only went with my heart and never had a chance to change any answers with my mind.

I cannot regret how I answered, as the answers were true to me at that very moment.  I am pretty sure that I could use a class in media training, but for now you get what you see. You get to listen to me with nerves and all.  But mostly you get to hear the real me and what writing this book meant to me.  The book is a celebration of my love for my Grandmother.  That is something you don’t rehears for.  It is just there, with or without cameras. Always.

Book Event – SWEA Los Angeles


Tomorrow evening I will be discussing my book, “Två själar – samma tanke”, hosted by SWEA (Swedish Women Educational Association) – Los Angeles.  I will talk about how the book came about, read two chapters, answer questions, and sign books.  It will be a cozy intimate evening where I think we will share our stories, as I think my story is also yours.

The evening will be held in Swedish, and I cannot wait to share the English version with all of you English-speaking friends and followers.  It is in the making …

I am excited for tomorrow evening with a grateful heart, and cannot wait to share stories with you!

A warm welcome!

Book Harvest



The days at the Book Convention in Gothenburg, Sweden, was filled with experiences that I am still taking in.  It was four days of working hard to promote my own book, meeting other writers, going to seminars, and talking with publishers.  All along being surrounded by supportive family and friends.  I could not have made these days as successful and fun, if it wasn’t for my amazing support team!  I bow in gratitude for you!

Most days didn’t end at the Convention Center, they ended hours later somewhere where the networking continued.  So the only thing lacking during these days were sleep.  That was a small prize to pay for all that I received!

My heart is filled with memories of inspiring meetings, interesting people, and also a lot of fun moments!

I could of course not be at the Book Convention without buying books, that was truly impossible.  I found my favorite publisher, among with some of my favorite authors.  I had to buy another suitcase to bring back all these wonderful books.  Instead of harvesting pumpkins as the season is called for, I will dive into my Harvest of Books.  One book at a time, with a heart filled with gratitude.  Printed literature is still alive!

My love affair with books continues …


Dream Big

We received our bracelets just in time for the Book Convention, and I wear mine 24/7!   It says “Dream Big” (Våga Stort) in Swedish, and it’s a beautiful reminder to always dare to dream big.  Thank you to the amazing Jeweler, @atom_47, for making these special bracelets for me and the best support team around!

It was a dream come true for me to participate at the Book Convention with my book, and to be able to share the experience with people who always believed in me.


Continue to fight for your dreams, and never give up!  Surround yourself with supportive and loving people.  I promise you, that it makes all the difference.

This one dream came true for me, and it was literary through fear, sweat and tears.  It didn’t stop me, it made me even more determined.  Now I’ll continue working towards other dreams, and so can you.

Dream Big!

With all your heart!

Media coverage

My first live interview was taped yesterday during the Book Convention here in Gothenburg, Sweden.  My nerves were present under my skin, and I had to remember a great quote; “The day you are not nervous in front of an audience, is the day that you don’t care anymore”.  I do care, I care a lot of reaching other people and to move their hearts.  I wanted to represent myself and my writing in the best possible way.

So yes, I was nervous.  But I was also excited, happy and grateful.  Grateful to all the people who has supported me along the way, and still do.  You all have me deepest thankfulness for a lifetime.  I was, and still am incredible grateful for the opportunity to share my writing and connect with other people.  That is what life is all about.  Connecting with others, heart to heart.  With nerves and all …