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The Second Advent Candle


Tonight I lit the Second Advent Candle with thoughts of all the people that are apart from each other during the Holiday Season.

Now the Second Candle of Advent shines at my kitchen table, and it shines for all the people who I would love to have around me.

I would like to be the Shepard who gathers my loved ones together during this season.  I think that a lot of the Holiday Season is about togetherness, but for various reasons we cannot always be together with friends and family as we wish .

So for the Second Advent Candle, I let the flame sparkle for all the people that I hold dear.  For all the people that I hold close in my heart.

Light the Second Advent Candle and be the Shepard of your loved ones.  Together in our hearts we are one.

The First Advent Candle


The season of Advent starts today, and it is the beginning of the Christian church year.  I will use this season and time for reflection about life.  Today I will light The First Candle of Advent, the First of Four before Christmas.  I will try to write about Advent in a way that hopefully will resonate with any religion, or anyone, religious or not, even if the Advent Season is Christian historically.

The Latin word Adventus means coming, so the season of Advent is a time for anticipation and hope.

You can put your own meaning into those words, but as I light the First Advent Candle today I choose to reflect on Hope in life.  I see the light as it brings newness, life and hope into our lives.

To take the time during the Season of Advent to reflect on life, is possibly what Hope is about.  It is a way to live, not just to survive.

For me, to live with Hope, means to live authentically admits all the problems of life that continues.  To be able to see possibility when there is no present evidence of it.

I Hope for all of you that you all will take this time to reflect on your life, and bring Hope back into your life if it was lost.  Hope for a better version of ourselves, and Hope for peace and health for all of our loved ones.

The First Candle of Advent is shining with Hope for all of you.

That is the wonder of Advent.

To Give Thanks

Today is a day to pause in our tracks and take stock of our lives.  While we might be busy cooking for tonight’s Thanksgiving dinner, try to find a quiet corner for a few minutes alone.

Ask yourself what you are thankful for, and I mean truly, deeply thankful for.



Many of us take other people for granted.  Please do not.  They might not always be there for you.  We might think that our finances are in order and then we are layed off from work.  We think we are grateful for our up-to-date home in the right neighborhood, but that is all just on the surface. Of course we can be thankful for all of the above, but please think again.

What happens if you loose your loved one, if you loose your job, if you or someone you love become seriously ill.  What would you be thankful for then?

My answer to that question is:  who is there for you in hard times, who are you there for when other people struggle?  If you are surrounded by generous, wholehearted people that you would do anything for and you know it is a two-way street, that is all that matters.

So I am thankful for my LIFE, for I am lucky enough to have a LIFE filled with LOVE.

I have said it before, but today I choose to say it again.  Love one another while you have the chance.

That is the only way to give thanks.

I thank You from the deepest corners of my heart that you are here.  You make my life.  For that I am eternity grateful.