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New Year – Empty Spaces


New Year – Empty spaces

I’m reflecting on this past  year before the door to 2017 closes.
My guess is that I’m not the only one.

I just realized that it would be good to do this more regularly. Stop, and listen inward, reflect on where I am.

Am I where I want to be in the now? If not, can I accept the now? Can I change anything moving forward?

What do I want to fill my life with? Meaningful moments, activities, stillness and treasured meetings with family and friends. Then my heart is full and I can shine my love for you, for life – into the world.

How will I chose to act and live in 2018? What doesn’t serve me any longer? Who should be in my life? What can I do to surround myself with the right kind of people (for me) and live a life that breaths to the rhythm of my heart? So I can stand tall and be my true self.

Everything is blank in front of me when I step into 2018. It’s a good thing.

I will fill the blank canvas with meaningful colorful warm strokes as I go…. and fill the blank pages with heartfelt words that will bring me to you.

I want to choose to fill my empty spaces in my way and in my time. Then the empty spaces will be the truest, most colorful me. And my moments will be filled with love together with you.

I’m ready to turn my back to 2o17, which was not a good year for me.  Of course it had its good moments and they will stay in my heart.  I know that this past year have been difficult for many people for various reasons.  I’m WITH you to step into 2018 and not knowing what 2018 will entail.

I want to approach 2018 moment by moment and fill each moment with my heart’s desire and meaning.

How will you leave 2017 behind and greet 2018?

I do have one wish for all of us during 2018 though … let’s be kind to one another … let’s meet heart to heart.

I will not close the door to 2017 gently this year, as I normally do when one year is to end and another year is to begin.

I will slam the door to 2017 shut, hard.

I’m not afraid to meet the unknown in the empty spaces in front of me.

2018 is for you and I to meet our truest selves and to bring meaning to the empty spaces.  My way, your way, together with our hearts open.

I don’t know what 2018 will bring, and that is okay.

2018 – bring it on!



All Saint’s Day – Love, Honor and Remembrance

In Many countries, All Saint’s Day, was observed on November 1st, 2017.  The date varies throughout the world though.

In my home country, Sweden, the first Saturday in November (today) is called “All Saint’s Weekend”.

Wether or not you are religious, and no matter where you live, this time of the year can still be a time to spend some time keeping those that have passed to the other side, extra near in mind, soul and heart.

Take a moment for yourself.  It does not have to be long, just a moment.  A moment of reflection.

Today (for me and many others) it is All Saint’s Day and it is a day to honor and remember our loved ones that have entered the other side.  That does not mean that they are far away in thought and heart, but I still miss my loved ones every day.  I still love them every day.  That is not different today.

Today is different because right now there is a very thin and fragile veil between us here on Earth and those who are in another dimension. I chose a white rose, the meaning of remembrance, and a red rose for love today.  The candles burning represent the light that they brought into my life here on Earth.  The flames are shining bright with emotions.  My longing, my grief, our days lost, but most of all, the flames are burning bright for the love that we shared.

Be still in silence and feel their presence. Whisper a message, a question, or just think quietly of your loved ones who are on the other side.  All the while from your heart.

Can you sense them?  They can feel your inner being.  Honor the love that you shared by being still in your mind and heart.  Stop and listen.  Maybe you will hear a whisper …

Most of all, keep your loved ones that have gone before you, close to your heart.

Your love remains.  Always.

Happy New Year – With No Expectations

I used to write in my diary: “New Year – New Expectations.”

How did that work out? Not always in my favor.

If you go somewhere without expectations and a calculated road-map of how it all will pan out, you will for certain meet the unexpected.  It can turn out to be boring or it can possibly be mind-blowing.  Either way, you are open for what life has to give you.  Not what you already decided how it should turn out to be like.

Life can then take unexpected turns.  Be ready.  Go with it.  Do not resist what life is giving you, even if you were not expecting it or prepared for it.  Embrace it and make the best of it.

To move through life without expectations is not the same as not aiming for your goals or working hard to achieve something important.  The importance is to have the intention of not expecting the outcome this or that way.  You will be surprised of what is waiting around the corner if you stop expecting things or people to be a certain way.  One of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received from a very close friend is a ring with an inscription.  It says: “The journey is the reward.”  It is my best reminder to take in each moment at a time, without deciding how I want the outcome to be.  I am in it for the ride.

The New Year is not a new page, a new chapter – it is a whole new book, and the best is that it is unwritten.

Start writing your story in your heart.  The story that only you know, that only you own.

Some great new stories can be written, some not so good, and some never-ending.

Let your own story guide you to an unexpected life.

I promise you, without expectations and embracing life as it comes, you will live life to the fullest in 2017!

With love in My heart to Your heart for an unexpected year 2017!

Walk into 2016 with your heart open



I did not make a New Years resolution this year, they never seem to manifest.

What about You?  Did You promise something?  Maybe You did, and maybe You promised something really important.  If You did, I hope with all my heart that You will be able to keep your promise.  It can be a good thing.

This year I did something different though.  I set an intention of how I want to walk through life in the coming year.  It is a bit different from a promise.

How I see it; a promise is more of a literal agreement that you cannot and should not break.  It is a commitment that for me can turn into an obligation.  It does not have to be wrong to promise something for the New Year.  It can be a vow and a sacred word for You.

Personally, I think that when it comes to New Year’s resolutions I have always managed to not fully live up to my promises.

That is why I am starting this year with an intention that gives a purpose and meaning to my life.  When I think of the intention to live with “an open heart”, all that I feel is hope.  Hope to feel life’s ups and downs.

To do the opposite, to close my heart is an easy way to protect myself from getting hurt.  I used to be afraid to fully open my heart at times.  What feelings would I experience if I did?  I feared the feelings inside of me that might show up.  What if I could not handle my emotions?  So there have been times when I have closed my heart to protect myself.  I was afraid to feel in other words.

What I was really doing was missing out on life, and all its possibilities.  If I choose to close the door to pain, I also closed the door to pure joy.

We all have scars and cracks in our hearts.  If we close our hearts we cannot let anything in or out.  Through the cracks in our hearts we might need to let go of something or someone that has hurt us.  If we keep the heart closed, the pain will remain a priosoner in our scarred world.  By letting old wounds heal by releasing them through the cracks of your heart, you are ready to fully receive joy and pure love.  When you let situations or people that no longer are good for you leave your heart, you have so much more room to give your love to people who deserve it.  In return you can completely feel the love that is given to you.  Only an open heart can do that.  Your open heart will be ready to give and receive all of life’s wonders.

It is only with an open heart that new possibilities can arise and magic begins!

Go out there and dare to OPEN YOUR HEART IN 2016!  You will feel more alive.

I promise!

Advent First 2015



Today is the first Advent and we lit the first candle with anticipation for what is to come.
In our family the burning candle was also for our snuggle-loved puppy, Kingsley. He slept his way to the other side earlier today …
Our hearts are breaking and there is no end to my tears today. I only find comfort in that he doesn’t suffer anymore. We were fortunate to be able to love him with all our hearts until the end.
I am anticipating what may come with a broken heart. But it’s in the crack of our hearts light can shine in.



I am grateful for NOW!

I feel tremendous gratitude to all the loving and caring people that I have in my life at this moment.  Life is a series of moments.  Treasure each and everyone by being in the now.  Those moments adds up to be your life.  You might miss a remarkable moment if you are not being present in the NOW.  Life it is not then, it is not when  – it is NOW.

Love one another NOW!

NOW is all we have!

New Year


The normal thing would be to write “Happy New Year” as the title, but I opted out of that.  Not because I don’t want you all to be happy, I do.  I just wish for more than that, or to be more specific: I wish for happiness every day for everyone, not just as we start a New Year.

Why do we think everything will be different the day after New Years Eve?  It won’t, it is just another day.  We should always strive to be a better version of ourselves, every new day.  So don’t wait with your promises, wishes, hopes and dreams.  Live them each and every day, while you can.

Some say that they are now closing the door to 2014.  Mine is still wide open, and will continue to be so.  So if you have been in my life 2014, I am grateful for your presence.  Please walk through the door with me into 2015.

This past year has been difficult at times.  I had to say farewell to a loved one, and I have been fighting a chronic illness every hour of every day.  I have known emotional and physical pain to the limits.  Only the closest ones in my life have seen me at my darkest hours, and those were not pretty moments.  What they are though is life.  With all the sorrow and pain from this past year, there have been many uplifting amazing moments as well thrown into the mix.  Life is just that: a mix of ups and downs.

So I am not closing my door to this past year, as I need it to be open to remind me of my lessons in life.  All the bad with all the good are now memories.  Memories that I will carry with me into the New Year.  The memories are experiences that makes me ME.  To close the door on 2014 would be like closing my heart.  I choose to live life with an open heart, and plan to dare to open it more and more as I live.

I will walk into 2015 with an open book that is my life so far.  I treasure all that life has taught me through the highs and lows.  I ride on the highs, and rest on the lows.  My life is not a closed book, only some closed chapters with a story still being written.

I hope that you will be a part of the chapters of my life next year.  Who knows where life will take us.  Let’s walk into 2015 with our hearts full of love.  Love for all that we are, and for all that we can become.

With love as the center of intention, the first chapter of 2015 is off to a promising start!

From My Heart to Yours!


The Fourth Advent Candle





Today is the day when we light the Fourth Advent Candle, and I am reminded of that the Fourth Candle is known as the Angel’s Candle.

In the Christian world that means that the Angel Gabriel came to Mary with a message.  He told her that nothing is impossible with the power of God.

The Angel Gabriel also appears in other religions as well.  In Islam, the Angel Gabriel is seen as one of the fourth archangels whom God sent with his divine message to various prophets, including Muhammed.

In Jewish mythology, there is  a Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.  The Tree of Life blossoms and produces new souls.  The Angel Gabriel reaches into the treasury and takes out the first soul that comes into his hand.

With the above thoughts, I am thinking beyond any religion and to all of mankind.

With the lighting of the Fourth Advent Candle, I let the meaning of what the Angel’s Candle can mean for all of us soak in.

To see the Fourth Advent Candle shine as bright as the other Three Candles, I am reminded of that nothing is impossible.  Anything can be overcome.  That is the essence of the Angel’s Candle,

Watch all the Four Advent candles shine bright and reflect for a moment on your own life.  I will leave you today with one thought that I hope you will take to heart.

Just because things are one way at this very moment. does not mean they have to be so.




The Third Advent Candle


I just lit the Third Advent Candle with an intention of Joy.

It felt important to light the three candles with an intention, and not just light the candles out of habit.

So often we perform a ritual or a tradition and make it a routine.  I wish for this Season to be different.  To really pause and reflect on my intention while I do things.  Like when I put the match to the candle and the flame started to flicker, I did it with a conscious thought of Joy.  Actually, what I did was to open up my heart to Joy.

To let all the cracks in my heart fill up with Joy.  Joy can seep through the cracks of a heart that has lived.  A heart that has known sorrow, deceit and defeat can easily let the Joy just seep through the cracks. I wish to fill my cracks with authentic Joy.  Joy that stays.

The Joy for all that I have in my life.  Not all my things, but again, the people in my life is my Joy.  To consciously choose Joy takes a conscious mind.  My mind needs to tell my heart to open up, and then my heart will feel the magic that my mind perceives.  It is so easy to complain about this and that, but with an open heart it becomes more difficult.

An open heart will automatically fill your heart with Joy, and you will pass that Joy on to the people around you.

So I lit the Third Advent Candle with you in my heart.  You that are in my life.  You that are my Joy.