Book Harvest



The days at the Book Convention in Gothenburg, Sweden, was filled with experiences that I am still taking in.  It was four days of working hard to promote my own book, meeting other writers, going to seminars, and talking with publishers.  All along being surrounded by supportive family and friends.  I could not have made these days as successful and fun, if it wasn’t for my amazing support team!  I bow in gratitude for you!

Most days didn’t end at the Convention Center, they ended hours later somewhere where the networking continued.  So the only thing lacking during these days were sleep.  That was a small prize to pay for all that I received!

My heart is filled with memories of inspiring meetings, interesting people, and also a lot of fun moments!

I could of course not be at the Book Convention without buying books, that was truly impossible.  I found my favorite publisher, among with some of my favorite authors.  I had to buy another suitcase to bring back all these wonderful books.  Instead of harvesting pumpkins as the season is called for, I will dive into my Harvest of Books.  One book at a time, with a heart filled with gratitude.  Printed literature is still alive!

My love affair with books continues …


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