Another year has past …


Another year has passed without my Mormor, my Grandmother, with us here on Earth.  Almost one month ago marked the two years without her here with us.  I did not miss her more that day than any other day, the day just made me pause a little extra.

I needed to find some quite time just for me.  A time where I could sense my Mormor’s presence through my breath.  I was able to still remember her voice, and it brought me comfort.  The memories of her that came flooding in were more from earlier years.  When she really was my loving, caring and witty Mormor.

I realized that the memories of her being sick at the end are slowly fading.  In the beginning it was all that I could feel and picture.  The pain of seeing my Mormor become less and less herself with age was heartbreaking.  With time the pain of loosing her is still present, but not as intense as in the beginning.

No matter at what age someone you love deeply passes away, there will always be a longing for that person.  A void to be filled.

Now that void is more and more filled with all the beautiful memories of her.  My Mormor who always made time, talked with wisdom, said the funniest things, gave the warmest hugs, cared for everyone and loved her family with all her heart.  She saw no evil in other people, heard no evil and she never spoke no evil.  The picture of my little haven in our backyard represents all that she stood for.  Peace, equality among all mankind and love.

Now I can hear her voice, feel her gentle hand on mine, and most of all I can feel the love that we shared. She will always be one of the biggest gifts in my life.  A gift that I will treasure forever.

Not even death can take our love away.  Love remains.  Always.


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