Age is just a number

This used to be so easy.

What happened?

Oh, that thing that is called age – darn – that is why it is so difficult to do this now.

But age is just a number … is my mantra – while sweating and cursing (yes, the latter is less ladylike, but damn it helps) …

So with my million excuses for not working out, it was mind over matter today.

My age, my invisible illness, my aches/pains, and all the other excuses for not working out, will have to shut up right now.

It is time to get stronger – no matter what!  And it starts from from the inside out.

The mind is a powerful thing … it can ruin you or lift you up.  So please try to tell your own mind to do what is best for you in every situation.  I know, it is easier said than done.

But please, keep on fighting for your inner strength my dear friends!

Moving your body will help like no other medicine!

Today I am managing to have total focus on my mind – body – soul – connection!  I will try my best to not let it slip away from me …

Join in – please let me know what you are doing to get stronger both inside and out.

“Movement is vital.”

~My Doc.


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