Kristina Hall ~ Writer & Poet

TinaprofileAt an early age my parents and grandmother introduced me to the world of books. I was mesmerized by stories and read as often and as much as I could. In my mind, to be a writer you must read, not so
much to be able to learn how to write, but to experience other dimensions in life. As a child, I was daydreaming often, and that is how I began my story telling.

I grew up in Sweden, and moved to USA as an adult. As a result, I will always have one foot in each country.

My education is in behavioral science, and I worked for many years in Human Resources. I enjoyed meeting and helping people in the work place. Over time writing took over, and I realized that my background was a helpful tool. When you write, it is essential that you understand the human mind and the motivations behind some behaviors and emotions. That is how certain stories come to life.

I was honored to receive the National Poetry Award in the US for my poem “Memory”. I have since been published in several poetry collections in the US. The Swedish-American newspaper Nordstjernan has published several of my news articles. In Sweden I won a short-story contest with the story “Through the Tunnel”. My first biography was published in the beginning of 2014 in Sweden. The book is called “Two Souls – One Thought”. The book is about my grandmother, and is a non-romantic love story.

My mother gave me my first diary when I was twelve years old. I was going on my first long trip away from home with my gymnastic team. She thought I could use the diary as a travel journal. Since then not a day goes by that I don’t write something, not always because I have something to say, but because I must. It is a need – not a want for me. My writing is sometimes very therapeutic for me, but equally often it is an outlet to let my imagination fly when I give wings to words.

Writing is my craving in life. With pen and paper in hand, my feelings and thoughts are in tune with my inner self. I write from my heart, and I hope I will reach yours.